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Moji Mapper

Track your habits ☕️🍔🥤
Record your mood 😃😠😍
Remember when you last 💪✈️🎻
Analyze your progress 📉📊📈
Find what makes you happy 😊🎉

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Journal your life with emojis

Each time you log a moji, you can add notes, GPS location, and time/date. You can then view your history with different graphs, maps, and visualizations.

Moji Mapper Map Screenshot

Map your moods

  • See a map of where you've been
  • Track your habits and patterns
  • Log your mood with emojis
  • Microjournal your life events
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Your mood, your moji

  • Customize with any emoji
  • Quickly log mojis right from your lock screen or notification shade
  • Customized reminders
  • Powerful search and filtering to create custom graphs and maps